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Join us at the O-Town Showdown!

posted Jan 23, 2013, 1:57 PM by Swing Ottawa

The Ottawa Swing Dance Society is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the O-Town Showdown, an afternoon of competitions focusing on great social dance skills, awesome attitude, creativity, and fun!

We encourage OSDS members who are interested in experiencing this aspect of swing dance culture to attend this event, and even consider competing in one of the many silly and/or serious competitions.
Back in the 30's when lindy hop was first evolving, contests and competitions were a big part of the original swing dance culture. As we learn in Frankie Manning's autobiography, the contests were a big part of the attraction and fun both at the Savoy and in other swing halls across the country. You can see the swing contest tradition being recalled in the musical Grease as well ;)
The O-Town Showdown competitions will include a battle-style solo Charleston division, a Jill and Jack, a Short Showcase, and a Prop and Jill. The "main event" will be a tiered, tournament-style Jack and Jill, featuring limited heat sizes (12 couples max) and multiple rounds of competition. Each competitor will have more time in front of the judges, better odds of moving up, and more chances to dance! The final round will take place in front of a live band at Swing Dynamite's Saturday Night Swing!
O-Town Showdown is modeled on the success of Swing Riot in Montreal, and in turn on other battle-style competitions such as the Savoy Swing Jam in Seattle, Lindy Bout in Vancouver, and the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in New Orleans.
Check out for more information and to register!