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We're Recruiting

posted Jul 23, 2017, 8:53 AM by Swing Ottawa
Dear Ottawa Dance community,

The OSDS is extremely proud of the work we do to support and promote swing dancing culture in Ottawa. Recently, we've been doing some soul-searching and strategizing about the many things we would like to do, and the ways in which we would like to grow and improve as an organization.

Like any not for profit organization, we can only be as capable as the dedicated manpower we have on hand. To meet our goals and grow the community in exciting new ways, we are embarking on a restructuring journey. While we will maintain a core board of directors and officers who will guide the organization and oversee all program work, we are creating a committee structure so that more people can contribute. Depending on what each person is interested in committing to, people who join us in this capacity may become OSDS executive members (not on the board), or they may not if the role they choose doesn't require it.

We are excited that this will give the opportunity for more of the dedicated, talented individuals we know in the community to make things happen for swing dancing in Ottawa.

With this in mind, we are currently recruiting. We would welcome anybody who has a particular passion for swing dancing, swing dj'ing, swing bands and/or swing events and is willing to devote their skills to the OSDS.

We are particularly looking for people who are interested in contributing to the following roles:
  • Publishing social media - website, facebook, graphics, other
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Grant writing
  • Liaising with volunteers
  • Managing bands (booking, developing skills to play for dancers, negotiation of rates)
  • Developing DJ culture (i.e. summits, mentoring, collaborations)
  • Community engagement (ie new programs for seniors, tech companies, community groups, or your ideas)
  • Youth engagement (i.e. working with high schools, university clubs)
  • Partnerships (i.e. with the Jazzfest, NAC, museums, others)
  • Dance ambassador program
  • Coordinating OSDS events (i.e. the anniversary dance, Tulip Festival)
We are also interested in people who see an existing gap in the OSDS structure or an opportunity for new programming and passionately want to drive that initiative themselves.

Our expectations of someone who wants to contribute to the OSDS by taking on one or more of those roles are that they will commit to the following:
  • one setup and one teardown shift per month (potentially negotiable depending on circumstance; more applicable to those who take on a core role; and less applicable for those who have a particular time-limited project to accomplish)
  • be present at the majority of OSDS swing dance events
  • be part of a committee dedicated to one area of focus for the OSDS; committees are expected to meet 1-2 times per month; depending what they are working on at the time
  • dedicate 5-15 hours per month (outside of the Friday night dance, scheduled at your convenience) to that area of focus
  • meet with the OSDS board of directors once every 3 months to discuss your committee
  • agree to volunteer in this capacity for a minimum of six months
We will be selecting a number of people who fit with our vision (or persuade us of theirs!) based on an interview process. Interviews will be relaxed affairs over coffee with 2-3 exec members, likely very close to St. Joseph's, and we are available to hold interviews at the following dates and times:
  • Friday July 28th 8-10pm
  • Saturday July 29th 1-3pm
  • Saturday July 29th 3-5pm
  • Monday July 31st 7-9pm
  • Wednesday Aug 2nd 7-9 pm
  • Thursday August 3rd 7-9pm
  • Friday August 4th 8-10pm
  • Saturday August 5th 1-3pm
  • Saturday August 5th 3-5pm
  • Monday August 7th 7-9pm
  • Wednesday Aug 9nd 7-9pm
  • Thursday August 10th 7-9pm
  • Friday August 11th 8-10pm
If you would be interested in joining the OSDS executive and committing your passion and energy to the cause of swing dancing in Ottawa, please send us a letter of interest via email to by July 28th. Please also indicate several interview slots which are suitable for you, and we will send you a date promptly.

We hope to hear from you soon!
OSDS Executive