Bill Ewanick

Kofi Arthiabah

Elizabeth Watt

Liz Kennedy

Jody Glanzer


The Ottawa Swing Dance Society is completely run by volunteers!
Our team of executives is dedicated to providing a fun and safe dance environment. For more information, please review our Safety Policy.

If you are interested in joining our Executive Committee or trying your hand at DJing, please contact us at swingottawa [at] gmail.com.

To volunteer for a door shift or set up/tear down,
click here.

We can't wait for you to join our team!


Bill Ewanick

Bottoms Up by Illinois Jacquet (The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions)

David Baril

Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) by Benny Goodman (from the movie “Swing Kids”)

Erik Morris

Hash Brown by Earl Hines and Ores Se Kryfokoitazo by Gadjo Dilo.

Jean-Francois Harbour

Jody Glanzer

Yacht Club Swing by Fats Waller & His Rhythm

Lisa Semchuk

Paul Campbell

Wayne Roy


We would like to honour and thank the many past members of the committee whose tireless efforts have
enabled so many to experience the fun and friendship that can be had by discovering swing dancing.
(*We did our best to include everyone but we're human. If we've missed you please let us know.)

Albert Chan

Alex Hawley

Andrea Hook

Andréa Pelletier

Anne Dagenais

Bruce Shan

Bryan Larsen

Claudia Petrilli

Colin Schlachta

Cassie Anderson

Dave Miller

Dwight Hopkins

Darlene Tytula

Ed Reaney

Ève Laframboise

Flynn Strathearn

Geoff Dinsdale

Helena Forbes

Halle Endiga

James Dunlop

James Johnston

Jean-Francois Harbour

Jean-François Ouellet

Jeremy Prudhomme

Jillian Coolidge

Jody Glanzer

Jordan Long

Jordana King

Kate Jubenville

Konrad Scherer

Laura Avelino

Linda Paul

Marg Wooley

Maxim Berdichevsky

Nathalie Hetu

Rhonda Arsenault

Rob Crosbie

Shawn Moffatt

Stefan Fuchs

Stephen Gagne

Tara Dentry

Warren Chrusciel

Yan Robichaud

Translation graciously provided by Kayla Cardinal Lafrance and Adrien-Alexandre Allin