The OSDS is a non-profit dedicated to promoting swing dancing culture in Ottawa, ON, on unceded Algonquin territory.

IMPORTANT: all in person dances cancelled

Dear community,

OSDS has canceled all in person dances until further notice. We hope that you are well and staying safe, informed, helping each other and taking precautions as advised by the Canada, Ontario and Ottawa Public Health websites.

Join our Facebook group to know what is happening online. Take care and we hope to see you online!


A super member of Ottawa's swing community, Rachel McNamara, is organizing an online jazz party starting at 8:30pm with chat breaks and known mob dances such as the Shim Sham.

Check out the Facebook events listing for all details, invite your friends and RSVP to be reminded that it's coming up!


Jazz music and dances are Black American art forms. Swing music and dance have been shaped by the experience of oppression, slavery, and segregation.

Lindy Hop emerged as a defiant, joyous response to financial hardship caused by the Great Depression, harsh living conditions, and systemic racism.

As a community that enjoys this amazing dance and music, it is important to know and celebrate its history.

It’s also equally important to celebrate its culture, its values and the very people and communities who have created it. Not only out of respect and in an effort not to be appropriative, but because Lindy Hop is a dance of Black liberation, and simply because of our shared humanity.

If we do not support Black liberation today, we have no business dancing and teaching Lindy Hop.

At OSDS, we strive to educate ourselves, to act in solidarity with Black liberation initiatives, and to make changes in order to make our community safer and more just for everyone.

If you want to contribute to these goals, please send us an email at

Please check out our summary of the history of Lindy Hop, as well as this list of educational resources and calls to action compiled for swing dancers in Canada.

- OSDS Executive Committee


Please take some time to read on the Black American origins of swing dancing.


Educate yourself and take action to
support Black people and communities today - inside and outside our dance scene!


Donate to the
Black Lindy Hoppers Fund if you can!