• Everyone has different boundaries, capacities and limits, and they should be respected. Never force your partner to do something that makes them uncomfortable. Make sure to read the Safety, Consent, and Inclusion Policy, if you haven’t already.

  • Everyone has a different level of dancing experience. When you don’t know the level of your partner, it is always best to start with basic moves, and then, as you get to know each other, you can introduce different moves that will fit with your partnership. The most important thing is to ensure your partner feels comfortable, safe and has fun.

  • If you’d like to chat with people, please do it off the dance floor. We have plenty of space with tables and chairs just for that, where you can leave your effects and water bottle to avoid spills on the dance floor.

  • Band and DJ etiquette: When there is a band night, take a moment to clap at the end of every song. When it's a night of DJed music, take a moment to applaud them at the end of their set. If you really enjoyed the band or the DJ set, make a point of telling them after a set or after the dance. If you have any complaints about the band or the DJ, in terms of music choice, speed, length of songs, etc, please bring those concerns to one of the exec members, not to the band or DJ. But remember that we try to have music that appeals to a wide variety of people, so something that doesn’t appeal to you may still be a good choice for our dance scene.

  • Please refrain from teaching or giving unsolicited feedback or advice on other people’s dancing - except if you are worried someone will get hurt of course!

We hope that we’ve created an environment where you’ll be attentive to others’ comfort and safety, and where you’ll feel free to speak up if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you find that you can’t speak up - or you have and it didn’t go well - please talk to a SCI volunteer or a member of the executive committee and they will assist you.

We want everyone to take care of each other, feel comfortable, safe and have a good time!